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The single
biggest problem in communication is the illusion it has taken place

Our world is complex. Our technologies are becoming more so, and the information that describes those technologies needs to be shared between more and more people. We need superior ways to communicate and make better decisions based on better understanding.

I reveal new insights and expose oversights

I parse, organise and connect technical information, allowing you to search that information from one place in a meaningful way.

I’ll give you a new perspective on your complex data

I take complex project information and organise it into meaningful visual representations that everyone, from technical to non-technical project stakeholders, can comprehend, resulting in a deep, accurate and shared understanding of needs.

By Creating digital threads I identify and manage uncertainty in project information, so that you can deliver
solutions with incomplete information

Kompozition identifies and raises uncertainty automatically to allow you to manage your project risk and cost
better at identifying serious uncertainty than traditional review and inspection
more likely to find omitted requirements
of the time to reach agreement on requirements
Let's work smarter together